Mead Making

goferm Tailored Additions of Nutrients with Go-ferm (TANG 2.0) 

Want to make short meads and avoid brine/ umami off-flavors? This article proposes taking the YAN contribution from Go-ferm into account and avoid excessive minerals by tailoring the nutrients to your water profile.


 starter.jpgMaking an Activated Yeast Starter for Mead

An activated starter improves yeast count and viability to encourage a stronger and cleaner fermentation.  It is considered best practice, and used by many award-winning mead makers. This article covers the benefits and steps needed to prepare an activated starter.



 2017-03-19 11.23.10 HDR.jpgBottle Carbonation Sugar in Short Mead

Alternative priming sugars: table, honey and corn sugar are evaluated for their aroma and taste contibutions in bottle conditioned short meads. The meads are evaluated in a 8 % ABV Canadian golden wildflower traditional short mead.