Bench Trials

This section contains evaluations of experiments that are performed by only certified judges. The comparisons are blind and often include triangle tests, but are not subject to multiple participants and peer review.

Bottle Carbonation Sugar in Traditional Short Mead

Alternative priming sugars: table, honey and corn sugar are evaluated for their aroma and taste contibutions in bottle conditioned short meads. The meads are evaluated in a 8 % ABV Canadian golden wildflower traditional short mead.

Sour Mead Experiment

In this experimead, three different forms of souring in meads are tested. This includes kombucha, probiotic pills, and a ginger bug. The sours were pitched in an oaked, 12% ABV, blueberry blossom honey, traditional, sparkling mead. In this experimead, three different forms of souring are tested in standard meads. This includes Kombucha, probiotic pills (lactobacilius), […]