Judged Recipes

Below find recipes evaluated by BJCP judges. These are by no means the recommendations on recipes but a data point of detailed processes and evaluations.

If you are looking for recipes check out One Week, Crushable, Evidence-Based Session Mead Recipes

At the end of each recipe, insights are offered into what went wrong (if anything) and what would be done again or differently next time. We hope you learn from others peoples mistakes and successes. Full scoresheets evaluated by BJCP judges at home brew completions are available for each recipe.

M1A. Dry Traditional

D47 Dry Traditional, 7 % ABV, dry, (Rated 38/50 at 2 months)

M1C. Sweet Traditional

Orange Blossom Traditional, 13.6 % ABV, sweet, (Rated 47/50 at 6 months)

M2A: Cyser

Ontario Cyser, 14% ABV, dry, (Rated 41/50, including Gordon Strong, at 10 months)

M2B: Pyment

Maxed Sack Concord, 18 % ABV, dry, (Rated 40/50 at 7 months)

M2C. Berry Mead

Current Berry, 14.5 % ABV, dry, (Rated 39/50 at 5 months)

Triple Berry, 14.5 % ABV, semi-sweet, (Rated 44/50, at 9 months)

M3A: Fruit and Spice Mead

Basil With A Hint Of Lemon, 7.5% ABV, bone-dry, (Rated 45/50, at 3 months)

M4C. Experimental

Coffee Maple, 12 % ABV, bone-dry, (Rated 40/50, at 9 months)

Lacto Soured Orange Blossom, 12 % ABV, bone-dry, (Rated 44/50, at 5 months)


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