M2C: Current mead, 14% ABV, Still

This was my first melomel using whole berries and not just juice. I made this with my 2-year-old daughter and will be saving one of each bottles till she is of age. I made this at the same time as a mixed berry (blueberry, raspberry, black current). My preference between the two meads changed as they aged.


  • .24 litres of frozen wild blueberries
  • .5 kg of black currents
  • .5 kg of red currents
  • ~1.66 l of wildflower honey
  • 2.5 l of clean, filtered tap water
  • 5g of 71B-1122
  • 1/2 tsp of energizer and DAP
  • 1 gram potassium bicarbonate



  • Fermented 62f
  • SG: 1.118
  • Target FG: 1.010
  • Actual FG: 1.004


  • Put thawed fruit through food processor till chunky.
  • Given 1/4 tsp of energizer and dap in must. Mixed heavily with drill and aerated. Strained out the juice in bucket and put remains in mesh bags.
  • Pitched with 5g of 71B-1122 Half liter activated starters that took 1.5 hours.


  • +24h had white foam on top. Added  2/3*1/4 tsp dap 2/3*1/4 tsp energizer. Mixed with drill to aerate. Added potassium bicarbonate
  • + 48 hours 1/2*1/4 tsp of dap AND energizer
  • + 72 hours current is at 1.086 and tasted amazing.
  • Swirled bucket every morning and evening for first three weeks.

After Fermentation

  • + 3 Weeks:  transferred to one gallon carboy and strained out pulp. Had a musty smell and alcohol heat on backend.
  • + 4 weeks: car boy was bubbling away. Lots of sediment on the bottom almost two inches. They all cleared up quite a bit.
  • + 5 weeks: transferred to 1g carboy and cleared out well in a few weeks.
  • + 2 months:  bottled. Super clear. Tasted alcohol heat, strong fruit balanced honey well. Could of added clarifier.



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Won Gold at VanBrewer competition June 2017. Rated 39/50 by two Judges: 199-1 and 199-2, at 5 months old.

Reflections: I really like currents in mead. I thought there was just the right amount of fruit to have the honey character shine through. The mead definitely improved with age. First, there was a muskyness in the honey (you could taste it in the raw honey) that is common of late season wildflower honey from my region. This aged out after six months or so. If I was to make it again, I would make it finish sweeter. I like dry meads and enjoyed it, but I found that people found it quite dry, given the tannin and acidity from currents . I would target at least 1.020 next time.


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