1hGreat Canadian Short Mead Yeast Experiment

This is the experimead that started it all. The experiment tested 12 yeast strains in short meads (8.5% ABV). The meads have been evaluated using triangle tests and scoresheets by experienced home brewers and BJCP certified judges at Canadian home brewers clubs across Canada. Results posted Oct. 2017.


 tangAcid Additions in TANG Cream Soda Short Mead 

In this experimead, the use of acid blends are tested for their flavor and aroma contributions. The acid is added to 5.5% cream soda, bottle conditioned, short mead. Results posted Nov. 2017.


 STARTERSSoured Oaked Blueberry Blossom Standard Sparkling Mead Experiment

In this experimead, three different forms of souring in meads are tested. This includes kombucha, probiotic pills, and a ginger bug. The sours were pitched in a oaked, 12% ABV, blueberry blossom honey, traditional, sparkling mead.  Results posted May 2018.


MeadWaterExperiment.pngMead Water Chemistry: High Chloride to Sulfate Ratio

In this experimead, a high cloride to sulfate ratio is tested for its flavor and aroma contributions. The water chemistry experiment was tested in an apple and cherry bone-dry short mead at 7% ABV. Results posted December 2018.



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